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When To Throw In The Towel Or When To Persevere

 When To Throw In The Towel Or When To Persevere It goes without saying that persistence is the most distinguishable and important characteristic of a successful person and most definitely a successful entrepreneur. Lack of creativity can be overcome with persistence and hard work. (Interestingly, while a person may not be terribly imaginative, persistence always […]

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How To Really Scale Your Business…

  Paid Traffic or Free Traffic When most people look at marketing their businesses,they think of traffic like this: Paid Traffic VS. Free Traffic Really though, there’s no such thing as “”free”” traffic when marketing online. That’s a myth. Yet, it holds a lot of people back from investing through paid media. #BIG MISTAKE (You’ll notice I said […]

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The ONE Success Strategy That’s So Simple.

  Its not easy to improve or change who we are and for the majority of us it’s just too hard. I’m not a great reader but if I get interested in a book then I can’t put it down.I read a book once,(or I should say I tried to read it) all about habits […]

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Talk about a model prisoner… In 1985, Fleet Maull began serving a 14-year sentence for drug trafficking. During his incarceration, he completed a Ph.D. in Psychology, authored a well-received book, became an ordained priest, founded a prison hospice program and launched the Prison Dharma Network, a non-profit organization that supports prisoner rehabilitation through contemplative spirituality. […]

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