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When To Throw In The Towel Or When To Persevere

 When To Throw In The Towel Or When To Persevere It goes without saying that persistence is the most distinguishable and important characteristic of a successful person and most definitely a successful entrepreneur. Lack of creativity can be overcome with persistence and hard work. (Interestingly, while a person may not be terribly imaginative, persistence always […]

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How To Really Scale Your Business…

  Paid Traffic or Free Traffic When most people look at marketing their businesses,they think of traffic like this: Paid Traffic VS. Free Traffic Really though, there’s no such thing as “”free”” traffic when marketing online. That’s a myth. Yet, it holds a lot of people back from investing through paid media. #BIG MISTAKE (You’ll notice I said […]

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November 7, 2016

10 Things I wish I had done before I turned 50 (part 2)

6: I Wish I Had Been Kinder to Others Now that I am older, I realize how important small acts of kindness are. We are all connected in some way. There is no reason to become hostile with waitresses or customer service reps over petty things. Taking time for little things, like letting someone with […]

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How to Achieve Success (Its not hard work)

  How many times have you heard the old words, that to achieve success you have work harder and suffer more. Not True – well maybe half true. People who have accomplished big things all say that they now realise that hard work alone was not enough to succeed,it wastes a lot of energy. Bearing […]

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6 Qualities a Salesperson Needs

1. Being Observant Always Pays Off The first quality a salesperson should exhibit is sheer observation. This involves observing the client’s attitude, his behavior, his knowledge of the product you’re selling and how interested he seems to be. Once these observations are made, a shrewd salesperson can always derive key insights about the client and […]

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